About Hill DT Solutions

Hill DT Solutions is a results based company… by chiropractors for chiropractors.

Lead by a team of MasterMind chiropractors with years of experience teaching, diagnosing & treating patients in their respective practices. You now have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of spinal decompression treatment profiting from their experts and quickly becoming proficient with spinal decompression treatment.

Hill DT Solutions is highly qualified and uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive package of service and training in spinal decompression therapy to complement the unique advantages of the Hill DT Table. Hill DT Solutions is the sole authorized partner to advertise, sell and train for the Hill DT Table, and in conjunction with Spinal Decompression Australia is now bringing Hill DT Spinal Decompression to Australia and New Zealand.

Spinal Decompression Australia is dedicated to bringing Hill DT Spinal Decompression to Chiropractic practices throughout Australia. As a proud partner with Hill DT Solutions, Spinal Decompression Australia is the sole distributor of the Hill DT in Australia and New Zealand.

Led by Kellie Dawson (who graduated as a Chiropractor from Macquarie University in 1994 and then bought Springwood Chiropractic Centre from John and Judy Hinwood) Spinal Decompression Australia is finally bringing Hill DT to the Australian market. Hill DT has been available to the American market for many years….now it is Australia’s turn to change its Chiropractic patients lives like never before!

Having suffered from back pain, sciatica and neck pain from childhood injuries, Kellie was used to pain interfering with her enjoyment of life.
Despite developing her Chiropractic practice into a multidisciplinary practice where she could receive Acupuncture, Massage, Physio, Hypnotherapy plus a wide variety of Chiropractic techniques, Kellie was still experiencing pain.

Even after being a Chiropractic patient for 28 years, since the age of 16yrs till 44yrs of age, Kellie still suffered daily pain. Her pain persisted despite regular adjustments, diet changes, pilates and yoga. It even got to the point where Kellie was wondering how much longer she would physically be able to practice.

Then Kellie stumbled upon the Hill DT, and after experiencing the Hill DT Spinal Decompression for herself, Kellie immediately decided that she would HAVE to get a Hill DT for her practice.

After using her Hill DT in practice for a year and being amazed at the changes not only within herself, but with her patients, her referrals and her income, Kellie decided she was morally obliged to bring the Hill DT to Australian Chiropractors and their patients.

Despite enjoying being the only practice with a Hill DT in QLD, Kellie realised that this life changing technology needed to be shouted about from the roof tops, not kept a quiet secret benefiting only her practice and patients.

And so, in partnership with Hill DT Solutions, Spinal Decompression Australia was born.


Hill DT is made with pride by Hill Laboratories.

 Hill Laboratories Company is a family owned business since 1945. Starting in the late 1930’s, Benjamin Hill and his son Ben started a business in search of therapeutic treatment methods for elderly, arthritic patients. They experimented with several ideas with varying levels of success until they eventually developed the Hill Anatomotor Traction Table. The Hills found that their new invention brought real relief for certain arthritic symptoms but what really surprised them was the interest that therapists and doctors began to take in their table for treating several other common and chronic conditions. Within a few years, the Hill Anatomotor established a trusted name in the realm of therapeutic healthcare and non-surgical treatment.

In 1967, at the young age of 19, Howard A. Hill became president of the family business when his father died suddenly. This marked the beginning of the companies’ third generation. Howard immediately went to work, spending the next several years exploring new avenues and cultivating new markets for the now respected Hill Anatomotor. Then in 1987, in response to customer suggestions, Mr. Hill introduced the first ‘Hill Adjustable’ treatment table that was a simple and affordable, electric-adjustable-height treatment table.

Doctors loved it…and began to request special modifications and an ever expanding array of new configurations and options. By the mid 1990’s the Hill Adjustable concept had exploded into a complete line of medical and chiropractic treatment tables.

Howard’s nephew, Brady Aller created Hill Therapeutics division in 2000, and Howard’s son Benjamin Hill joined the company in 2009. The longevity and continued success of Hill Laboratories is a testimony to the value of great products and personal customer service…values that serve as a hallmark for many generations to come.


Kellie Dawson

B.Sc, M.Chiro

Spinal Decompression Australia
0429 316 946


Hill Laboratories has been a leading manufacturer of chiropractic, medical and physical therapy equipment for over 65 years with a focus on quality craftsmanship, progressive innovation and affordable pricing

“ Hill DT Spinal Decompression has totally changed my life. Not only am I now pain free, I have more energy and have reached a level of happiness and freedom in my body that so many different Chiropractic techniques AND the wellness lifestyle were not able to bring me.

In addition, as I already had a very successful practice, I was not prepared for the amazing and positive changes that Hill DT has brought to my practice.

My patient results are now EVEN better than before, our referrals have tripled, new patients seeking decompression are flocking to us even without any advertising, and my income has gone through the roof.

I simply can’t believe how great Hill DT has been for my health and for my practice…… this is why I am dedicated to bringing Hill DT Spinal Decompression to Chiropractors and their patients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Every Chiro needs a Hill DT…..without a doubt, this is a game changer”

To find out how to change your practice and patients lives for the better with Hill DT simply contact Kellie Dawson on 0429 316 946