What Chiropractors are saying about Hill DT Spinal Decompression

Dr Milan Brkljac

“In the first 3 months of using the Hill DT table I managed to achieve successful outcomes for six of our patients with severe disc injuries. What is truly remarkable is that all of them were told by their Neurosurgeons that they would definitely need surgical intervention. What do you think my patients are saying now about Spinal Decompression?”

Dr Milan Brkljac Chiropractor
Dr Daniel Ayala

“With the majority of our patients suffering from lower back pain arising from disc lesions, the Hill DT has been a revelation. Witnessing the impressive results first hand has left myself and fellow chiropractors in awe of the specificity, efficacy and safety of this innovation in the treatment of spinal injuries. Being able to considerably improve and in many cases, resolve these debilitating spinal conditions has been immensely rewarding”

Dr Daniel Ayala Chiropractor
Dr Randy Reed

“Our Outcome Assessments show we are helping herniated and degenerated disc patients at an awesome success rate. The HillDT Spinal Decompression table gets results and I can’t imagine practicing without it.”

Dr Randy Reed Chiropractor
Dr Thomas Korsh

“Not only has this treatment and training made me a more confident and satisfied clinician but our patient testimonials are literally life changing. Higher levels of health and function, that’s the bottom line for our clinic.”

Dr Thomas Korsh Chiropractor
Dr Donald Geisler

“We’re treating acute cases such as herniations, bulges and spasms along with chronic degenerative disc, degenerative joint and sacroiliac cases. Patient outcomes in all areas are significantly improved.”

Dr Donald Geisler Chiropractor
Dr Timothy Burkhart

“Since integrating decompression into our practice, our patient results have been amazing. Our clinical outcomes consistently provide significant patient improvement. This equipment works… the patient’s results speak for themselves.”

Dr Timothy Burkhart Chiropractor