The Hill DT™ Lumbar Decompression

Positioning a patient for a lumbar decompression treatment on the Hill DT is simple and it can happen in less than 30 seconds. The table has power elevation with a range of 26 inches to 35.75 inches, customized to your personal working height.


Our signature Pelvic Flexi-Straps™ result in total encapsulation of the iliac crest, with the ability to widen for all body types. The adjustable matching flexion stool is included to flatten out the lumbar area. The pillow is used underneath the head and the thoracic harness gently secures the torso presenting a comfort level unmatched by any other decompression experience.

lumbar-decompression-2The combinations of the pelvic tilt system and the eight treatment protocols on the Hill DT are also unequalled. Calculable and repeatable, professionals now have a unique opportunity to direct the force to the exact disc they want to target with absolute certainty.