Timothy J. Burkhart, DC, BCIM
Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic, PLC
7101 Broadmoor Ave SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

• Owner and Doctor of Chiropractic at Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic, PLC, in Caledonia, Michigan
• Past practitioner and member of the board of directors for the Center for Complementary Health Care,
Grand Rapids, Michigan
• Past Independent Medical Examiner for Exam Works, Southfield, Michigan
• Clinical Director and Lead Trainer for HillDT Solutions, LLC in the Axial-Spinal Decompression
Certification Program, Grand Rapids, Michigan
• 1984 – DC degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, South Carolina
• 1984 – Obtained licensure to practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of Michigan
• 1984 – Certified by National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
• 1986 – Certified in Pierce Results System of analysis and treatment
• 1991 – Certified in Videoflouroscopy from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa
• 1995 – Certified Injury Prevention Consultant for Backsafe from Future Industrial Technologies
• 2011 – Certified trainer for HillDT Solutions, LLC in NSSD
• 2013 – Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, BCIM
• 2014 – Diplomat of Manipulative Body-Based Practice
• 1984 – Began practicing chiropractic as a sole practitioner. Currently treating 100-120 patients per week
• 1989 – First Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of Michigan to utilize video flouroscopy in the analysis of spinal conditions
• 1995 – Certified as an Injury Prevention Consultant with Future Industrial Technologies. Currently certified to teach Backsafe and SittingSafe workshops. The goals of these programs are to reduce work related injuries and increase the health and well being of workers. Companies and municipalities trained by Dr. Burkhart were Steelcase, Herman Miller, Georgia Pacific, Yamaha, City of Wyoming, City of Grand Rapids and City of Grandville.
• 1996 – First Doctor of Chiropractic in state of Michigan to begin the clinical use of computer assisted manipulation with the “Smart Adjuster – Accuwave” program utilizing joint motion analysis protocol.
• 1997 – 2001: Michigan consultant for Landmark Healthcare assisting them in network development and expansion of integrative health care.
• 1998 – 2000: Practitioner and member of the board of directors for the Center for Complementary Health Care. Responsibilities included various research projects, speaking engagements and media interviews to promote the integration of alternative health care with traditional allopathic medicine.
• 1998 – Published article on injury prevention in Parsac Journal
• 2009 – Joined the Independent Medical Examiner Team for Exam Works
• 2011 – Published article on results based spinal decompression therapy in The Industry Compendium of Chiropractic Research
• 2012 – 2014: Member of the Board of Regents of Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg, South Carolina
• 2012 – 2016: Member of the College of Health Professions Advisory Board of Davenport University, Grand Rapids, Michigan
• 2013 – Published article on the integration of NSSD into clinical practice in Chiropractic Economics
• 2015 – Published research article, “Measured Success, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy,” in Chiropractic Economics
• 2016 – Published article, “Forging Ahead, Practicing with Certainty in Uncertain Times,” in Chiropractic Economics
• Current Participating Provider for: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (including Blue Care Network, Blue Choice and Medicare Plus Blue), Priority Health and traditional Medicare
• June, 2012 – WCA Commencement Address in Chittagong, Bangladesh
• April, 2013 – Ministry of Health, UAE Non-surgical Spinal Decompression and Naturopathic
Management of Osteoarthritis Conference, Dubai, UAE
• October, 2013 – Spinal Decompression 12 Hour Certification Seminar, Singapore
• January, 2014 and February, 2015 – American Spine Center Forum on Non-surgical Spinal Decompression, Jeddah, KSA
• August, 2015 – National Chiropractic Convention, Orlando, FL
• September, 2015 – Michigan Association of Chiropractors Fall Conference, Kalamazoo, MI
• December, 2015 – Sherman College of Chiropractic Commencement Address, Spartanburg, SC
• April, 2016 – Spectrum Health Coding and Compliance Seminar, Grand Rapids, MI
• Michigan Association of Chiropractors
• American Chiropractic Association
• Pierce Results System Practitioners Group
• American Association of Integrative Medicine
• Chiropractic is a philosophy, art and science using “natural” or non-invasive methods of correctingspinal misalignments or “subluxations”. Subluxations are the result of poor spinal position or abnormal joint function, which impairs neurological function. Neurological dysfunction can create disharmony in the body. Doctors of Chiropractic work with the body’s natural recuperative abilities to restore proper function and maintain health without the use of drugs or surgery.

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